A doença de que padecemos tem um nome: EXCESSO DE ESTADO, ou numa palavra: SOCIALISMO

sábado, julho 29

A Europa Morreu em Auschwitz

Europe Died in Auschwitz By Sebastian Villar Rodriguez September 23, 2005

I was walking along Raval (in Barcelona) when all of a sudden I understood that Europe died with Auschwitz. We assassinated 6 million Jews in order to end up bringing in 20 million Muslims!

We burnt in Auschwitz the culture, intelligence and power to create.

We burnt the people of the world, the one who is proclaimed the chosen people of God.

Because it is the people who gave to humanity the epic figures who were capable of changing history (Christ, Marx, Einstein, Freud...) and who represent the origin of progress and wellbeing.

We must admit that Europe, by relaxing its borders and giving in under the pretext of tolerance to the values of a fallacious cultural relativism, opened its doors to 20 million Muslims, often illiterates and fanatics that we could meet, at best, in places such as Raval, the poorest of the nations and of the ghettos, and who are preparing the worst, such as the 9/11 and the Madrid bombing and who are lodged in apartment blocs provided by the social welfare.

We also have exchanged culture with fanaticism, the capacity to create with the will to destroy, the wisdom with the superstition. We have exchanged the transcendental instinct of the Jews, who even under the worst possible conditions have always looked for a better, peaceful world, for the suicide bomber.

We have exchanged the pride of life for the fanatic obsession of death. Our death and that of our children.

What a grave mistake we made!

sexta-feira, julho 7

Ora aqui está uma boa ideia!

O caso não é de Manuel Pinho ser isto ou assado. O caso, como diz o autor muito bem, é que o Ministério da Economia é uma entidade inútil, prejudicial mesmo, ao desempenho eficaz da economia, e por isso devia desaparecer.

Não é, como se sabe, o único Ministério inútil. Estou-me a lembrar de repente da Cultura, mas há outros mais, e seria um bom começo deixar os empresários que não vivem à conta do Estado, desembaraçarem-se sózinhos.